Jesh’s pedigree as a metalsmith and master jeweler runs deep across continents and centuries. Rosestone is Jesh’s actual last name and is an English translation of Rosenstein, which in Bavaria was a name given to families of goldsmiths. But family lore traces the name back further still to Alchemist Rabbis in Eastern Russia where the Rose Stone was another name for the Alchemist’s Stone, the elusive formula for changing lead into gold. One thing is certain: there have been metalsmiths on both sides of Jesh’s family for generations.

Born in India to American parents studying yoga and Eastern philosophies, Jesh soon moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where his education included the art and culture of multiple societies from the Mesopotamians at the dawn of agriculture, to the present day. He was happiest playing in the woods and was fascinated by tiny things in nature. When he was about seven he started building model rockets. At ten he was painting pewter figurines from role playing games. At thirteen he crafted complete landscapes for Lionel model trains. Throughout his life Jesh has always loved to draw both the things he sees and the things he imagines.

When Jesh was nineteen, he took a metal working elective at College of Marin because he was curious how things were made out of metal. He quickly discovered an aptitude and passion for metal work and decided to be a Jeweler.

Jesh sought out an apprenticeship where he studied under a half dozen Master Jewelers from Russia, Ukraine, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. He spent the first year earning his education by sweeping floors and oiling machinery and practicing basic skills for thousands of hours. He persevered and in this unique environment, perhaps the last shop in the country to make jewelry entirely with techniques from 1690-1960, Jesh learned his rare skill sets of saw-piercing, carving, chasing, hand-engraving and tool making. After thirteen years, he had worked his way to the pinnacle of his craft, creating master steel molds for new ring designs.

In his mid-thirties, Jesh moved to San Diego to complete his bachelor degree at the University of California San Diego. He spent a semester abroad in Paris where he immersed himself in studying 3,000 years of decorative and fine art. Jesh graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2008 and met a fellow jeweler the following year who suggested he go into business for himself. With the guidance and generous support of his fellow jeweler, Jesh founded Rosestone Jewelry where he has spent the past decade crafting client’s fantasies into tangible objects of art.

Combining old world craftsmanship and techniques with new world technology and tools, Jesh creates unique designs of timeless style.