What to Ask Your Jeweler

Here are some hard hitting questions that you can use to dig deeper and learn more about your jeweler. For your information, Jesh’s answers are included when you click the question.

Is your jeweler a broker, designer, or retail operation?

Of course everyone wants to sell you their jewelry, but different types of jewelers will have different agendas when it comes to selling. Chain stores and some retail locations make the biggest profit by moving volume and their focus is to sell you the most expensive ring you’re willing to buy as quickly as possible. Brokers can sometimes provide a better deal, but they have a more limited selection and cannot actually design or modify any pieces for you. Personal jewelers and custom designers are more focused on the individual and, believe it or not, often provide greater value for your money because you aren’t paying for the marketing budget of a large brand and can dictate exactly what you want.

What types of options do I have for ethically sourced metals and stones?

There are absolutely options and Rosestone can create the most ethically sourced piece possible, but the fact of the matter is that it’ll cost more and it’s impossible to validate some of the sourcing claims. There is a lot of nuance in metal and stone mining and it’s an important conversation to have with your jeweler so you are an informed consumer and get exactly what you want.

Where is the ring designed and manufactured?

All Rosestone jewelry is proudly designed and manufactured in the United States in our studio in San Diego, California. When you work with Jesh, you support the local arts economy and you interact directly with the person who makes your jewelry. Other jewelers, especially the larger well-known brands, outsource either their design, their manufacturing, or both overseas to earn more profit. Make sure to confirm who actually creates your piece with any jeweler you are considering.

Should I insist on a certified stone?

Ultimately, you should do whatever makes you feel most comfortable and confident in your jewelry. Certified stones cost more because you are paying for the peace of mind of a third-party verification. If you develop a trusting relationship with your jeweler, it’s possible to save some money with an uncertified stone. Whether or not you insist on a certified stone depends on your level of trust and your person preferences.

Has the diamond been clarity enhanced, fracture filled, or laser drilled?

As a general rule, Rosestone avoids using any enhanced, filled, or drilled diamonds unless specifically requested by a client. These stones are cheaper but they are more likely to get stained or chipped. Clarity enhanced and fracture filled stones are inherently more fragile and, though laser drilled aren’t necessarily less structurally sound, the technique does impact the stone. Be explicit with what you want, and what you don’t want, to make sure know exactly what you’re paying for.

What is your policy on resizing, cleaning, or buybacks?

At Rosestone Jewelry our best advertisement is a beautiful ring on your finger or pendant on your neck. We will work directly with you until you’re happy. It’s a good idea to verify the rules and policies of any jeweler you consider.