I just love my orchid ring, it is exactly the ring that I’ve always wanted! It has the feel of something uniquely created in another time [and] beautifully crafted into a tiny garden that is always with me!
— Maria L., San Rafael, CA

Creative Inspiration

Delicate, exotic and graceful, the orchid symbolizes love, luxury, beauty and strength. Inspired by the voluptuous clean lines of the orchid plant, this beautifully detailed orchid ring is a truly unique statement piece. The unusual and vividly colored gemstones, attention to detail, and orchids along the side of the ring illustrates a delicate uniqueness reminiscent of more romantic times.


Handcrafted in platinum and red gold, the stunning flower design features a gorgeous bluish green aquamarine, set between two orchids accented with diamonds to add to the sparkling interplay of color that wraps gracefully around the ring.

Customization Options

In this ring, you can customize the stones, stone sizes, and metal without substantially changing the design.

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