This is really an amazing culmination of work Jesh. I feel like I’ve purchased a piece of art from a master artist just before he becomes famous.
— Tim H., San Francisco, CA

Creative Inspiration

The Golden State was designed as an anniversary gift to a woman who the commissioner loves almost as much as he loves his native state of California.  It was entirely hand-crafted over a period of three hundred and fifty hours and represents a culmination of all the jewelry knowledge Master Jeweler Jesh has acquired in the last seventeen years.

The design is inspired by the California poppy and manzanita trees that are native to California, gracing the coast of Mendocino, dappling the meadows of Yosemite National Park, and shading the deserts of  San Diego.  The poppy motif echoes an Egyptian styling of papyrus while the intricate winding of the manzanita branches hint at a Victorian lace.  All these influences combine to produce a piece of jewelry art that is truly unique and fresh.


The Golden State is a combination and rose and yellow gold set with nine hand-cut Fire Agates, each jewel shining in its own combination of brown, red, yellow, orange, and green iridescence.  Some look holographic, others look like desert-scapes and others like a California sunset.  The piece is accented with the sparkle of thirty-four diamonds which fall in a repeating graceful arc that connects visually between links.

Customization Options

This was a one of a kind commission. Let us know if it inspires you to commission a piece for yourself.

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